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Brandpunt plus

Brandpunt+ : De zilte revolutie

November 20, 2018

Brandpunt + made a report on our founder and our organisation and was telecasted on a National Dutch television channel on 13 November 2018. It covers how our organisation was founded and how Texel, a…

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Introduction of an improved method to identify salt-tolerant crops

November 12, 2018

Last week the article “An improved methodology to evaluate crop salt tolerance from field trials” by Dutch scientists Prof. dr. Dr. G. van Straten (Wageningen University), Prof. dr. Dr. P.M. van Bodegom (Leiden University), Prof.…

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Na de droge zomer moet het echt anders (Source:

September 20, 2018

Salt Farm Foundation’s work has been cited as an example by Financieele Dagblad as an example of how to deal with drought and salinization in the future. Landbouw moet wennen aan zout:  ….Onder andere op…

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Open air test fied with 7 different soil salinity concentrations, Texel

Marc van Rijsselberghe pleit voor meer aandacht verzilting: “Zout water is zeker niet per se fout”

August 16, 2018

Source: Agrio-Agraaf Publication date: 11 August 2018  

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Problematiek verzilting vraagt om meer kennis

August 3, 2018

Salt Farm Foundation dient Nederlandse boeren van advies Door de lage stand van grond- en rivierwater neemt de dreiging van verzilting sterk toe. Omdat bij het merendeel van de agrariërs de kennis over deze problematiek…

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ICBA director & UAE's Minister of food security

Salt Farm visit by United Arab Emirates’ Minister of Food Security & Director General of ICBA

August 3, 2018

At the invitation of Minister of Agriculture Carola Schouten, a delegation from the United Arab Emirates(UAE) visited several Dutch companies. One of the visits were at the Salt Farm Texel on 18 July 2018. Among…

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Webinar- Agroport South Ukraine 2018: “Saline Agriculture: a practical solution to a global problem”

August 1, 2018

On 27 July 2018, together with the Dutch embassy in Ukraine, FAO and Institute of Water Problems and Soil Reclamation of NAAS, we organized a webinar – “Saline Agriculture: a practical solution to a global…

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Dry summer 2018, Texel

The drought of 2018: Climate change in black and white. How can saline agriculture help?

July 31, 2018

Extreme weather conditions in Europe has raised concerns for agricultural and dairy output for summer 2018. A record high temperature of between 35 to 40 degrees was recorded in various parts of Europe in the…

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Knowledge centre Launch by Drs. A.H. (Aldrik) Gierveld

Ministry LNV and Salt Farm Foundation launch knowledge centre for Saline agriculture to help with food shortage and struggling farmers

July 3, 2018

An initiative supported by the Dutch Ministry, the knowledge centre – “Saline Agriculture Worldwide” has been set up to share open source knowledge to the farmers around the world. The knowledge centre is targeted towards…

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Knowledge centre Launch by Drs. A.H. (Aldrik) Gierveld

Persbericht: Ministerie LNV en Salt Farm Foundation lanceren online Kenniscentrum als hulpmiddel tegen voedseltekort en armoede in de wereld

June 29, 2018

Donderdag 28 juni is in Den Haag op het ministerie van Landbouw, Natuur en Voedselkwaliteit het online Kenniscentrum Zilte Teelten van de Salt Farm Foundation gelanceerd door Drs. A.H. (Aldrik) Gierveld – plv. Directeur-generaal Agro…

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