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Farmer from Texel tries to reduce food shortage with saline agriculture

November 13, 2017

Entrepreneur Marc van Rijsselberghe is looking for funds for the Salt Farm Foundation in order to reduce food shortage. Marc has extensive experience in organic farming, and says saline agriculture is necessary as ‘98 percent…

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Breakthrough in food security with Dutch knowledge of Saline Agriculture

February 22, 2017

Dutch scientists have found a method for growing certain crops on salinized, non-arable farmland. This is truly an innovation since food production on salinized soil has always been considered impossible. It was discovered that specific…

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Netherlands keen to help Pakistan grow salt-tolerant potatoes

January 14, 2017

Deputy Head of Mission Ms Renate Pors and experts of Salt Farm Texel and MetaMeta, visit test fields of the National Agricultural Research Council in Islamabad. Colleagues Robin Konijn and Jan Bakker are investigating the…

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Agri Innovation Magazine

September 16, 2016

Salt Farm Texel was mentioned in the third edition of “Agrinnovation Magazine’, with its inspirational idea for the solutions for salty soils. Read the complete article below:

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Salt Farm Texel in Dutch Water Sector

January 1, 2016

Water management is one of the greatest challenges facing the agrifood sector today. Worldwide, less and less water per head of the population is going to be available for food production. In 2050 it will…

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