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Seaweed as biostimulant under saline conditions

January 1, 2023

The Wadden region is experiencing a slowly increasing salinization. The objective of the project Zeker Zilt is to organize and determine the basic conditions for the cultivation, independent certification, processing and marketing of potatoes and…

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Growing a market for salty potatoes

October 29, 2022

read here everything you need to know about Growing a market for salty potatoes: Download the Powerpoint document here on the right –> Download the powerpoint!

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Eten van de zoute grond op Texel

October 29, 2022

De voedselmakers Op Texel „vermoordt” Marc van Rijsselberghe uiteenlopende gewassen, in de hoop dat een enkeling de zilte bodem overleeft. Hij werd wereldberoemd met zijn zilte aardappel. ‘Welkom in de boet. Je bent niet de…

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Case study – Marketing for alternative crops Salt Tolerant potatoes

June 14, 2022

Case studie – Marketing for alternave crops Salt Tolerant potatoes Products that are cultivated in salt affected agriculture grounds such Salt-tolerant potatoes are in a very nascent stage of market penetration. There is very limited…

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Waddenfonds funds new aquaculture project on Texel

March 31, 2021

The Waddenfonds is providing more than € 2.5 million in funding for four new projects in the fields of aquaculture and cultural heritage. This contribution will make possible a total investment of € 3.7 million…

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Project Bonaire updates (summer 2020)

September 9, 2020

In this article, we bring you updates on our Bonaire project from Bonaire and Texel. Updates from Bonaire location Workshop ‘micro-credit in agriculture’ on Bonaire. There are many people on Bonaire who want to practice…

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Test location of a farmer on Bonaire

Setting up Saline agriculture test locations on Bonaire

April 21, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a crisis unlike any we’ve seen. Food export and import have been affected in many parts of the world due to the restriction on transportation. Salt Farm Foundation has been…

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Report – Seaweed as fertilizer and biostimulant

March 31, 2020

Louis Bolk Instituut at the request of Salt Farm Foundation has made a report on the potential of using Seaweed and algae extract as leaf fertilizer and biostimulant in the cultivation of salt-tolerant potato. This…

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SalFar report on International Farmers cafe 2019

March 27, 2020

Interested to know of which crop farmers were most curious to know the salt tolerance? Read this report on the International Farmers cafe that was organised as a part of the Saline Future Conference in…

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Saline Farming: An innovative method of farming to cope with climate change

September 4, 2019

Climate change and sea level rise cause saltwater to intrude in farmlands. Experts are looking for solutions that prevent the loss of food production capability where saline farming could very well be the solution. From…

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