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Salt Farm Foundation provides farmers with the means and knowledge of saline agriculture, in an effort to improve food security, with minimal impact on already scarce fresh water supplies.

Our goal is to improve food security, reduce poverty and to provide a solution for the adverse consequences of climate change.

According to a world bank report, if no action is taken there will be more than 143 million internal climate migrants across the developing parts of the world by 2050. Smallholder farmers will be the most affected, they will abandon their land and move, causing disruption to global food security.

Inspiration day on Texel (Activity for CSR)

Are you a corporate and would like to support us as part of your CSR initiative? An inspiration day with our founder and director Marc van Rijsselberghe can be organized on Texel, the Netherlands. Marc will give you an inspiring presentation on the vision of our organisation, and share his ideas on improving global food security through saline agriculture. During the inspiration day, you can also taste the seasonal salty products. For more information, please contact us at

The proceeds from the Inspiration Day will go to the development and sharing of knowledge for farmers around the world. At this moment we are active on Bonaire to set up a knowledge centre where we can test crops and train farmers to produce local food and reduce their dependence on large-scale imports.

Become our food security partner: Help us set up training centres around the world

To develop more knowledge and contribute to global food security, our organization is planning to set up test locations in various countries. In these locations, we will test different local crop varieties and experiment with different soil types and climate conditions. Furthermore, we will train and educate local farmers in the region on saline agriculture methods.

A challenging goal, for which we need all the support we can get. To this end, we work together with various stakeholders.

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