Saline agriculture:

a practical solution to a global problem


We provide farmers with the means and knowledge of saline agriculture,
in an effort to combat salinization and to improve food security,
with minimal impact on already scarce fresh water supplies

Seaweed as biostimulant under saline conditions

January 1, 2023

The Wadden region is experiencing a slowly increasing salinization. The objective of the project Zeker Zilt is to organize and determine the basic conditions for the cultivation, independent certification, processing and marketing of potatoes and carrots on saline soil. With the additional distinguishing factor that natural seaweed fertilizer is used during cultivation. Seaweed contains more…

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Growing a market for salty potatoes

October 29, 2022

read here everything you need to know about Growing a market for salty potatoes: Download the Powerpoint document here on the right –> Download the powerpoint!

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Eten van de zoute grond op Texel

October 29, 2022

De voedselmakers Op Texel „vermoordt” Marc van Rijsselberghe uiteenlopende gewassen, in de hoop dat een enkeling de zilte bodem overleeft. Hij werd wereldberoemd met zijn zilte aardappel. ‘Welkom in de boet. Je bent niet de eerste, er komen ongeveer vijftig filmploegen per jaar. Ik had een wedstrijdje met Dorian, wie komt er het meest op…

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Case study – Marketing for alternative crops Salt Tolerant potatoes

June 14, 2022

Case studie – Marketing for alternave crops Salt Tolerant potatoes Products that are cultivated in salt affected agriculture grounds such Salt-tolerant potatoes are in a very nascent stage of market penetration. There is very limited knowledge in the market on how to promote products such products. Salt Farm Foundation is one of the very few…

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Worldwide, large areas of agricultural land are lost every day due to salinization. Land that is much needed for food production to feed the growing world population.

Salinization of farmland causes crops to fail. Farmers can no longer grow food on their land, which causes famine, poverty and social disruption.

At the moment, 63 Million ha of all irrigated farmland is salt-affected, and this number increases at the rate of 2000 ha per day.

Thousands of farmers around the world are suffering from this problem, the yearly salt damage in crops is about $27 BILLION!

of the water in the world is fresh water
of the available 2% fresh water is for domestic consumption
Of which
is used for agriculture

We have developed methods to cultivate salt tolerant crops on salt-affected farmland, something that had always seemed impossible. In addition to (re)using degraded lands to produce food, we also use brackish water instead of fresh water to grow crops.

We produce more food with less water.

Inspiration day on Texel (Activity for CSR)

Are you a corporate and would like to support us as part of your CSR initiative? An inspiration day with our founder and director Marc van Rijsselberghe can be organized on Texel, the Netherlands. Marc will give you an inspiring presentation on the vision of our organisation, and share his ideas on improving global food security through saline agriculture. During the inspiration day, you can also taste the seasonal salty products. For more information, please contact us at

The proceeds from the Inspiration Day will go to the development and sharing of knowledge for farmers around the world. At this moment we are active on Bonaire to set up a knowledge centre where we can test crops and train farmers to produce local food and reduce their dependence on large-scale imports.

Sea banana on Texel