Our approach - A proven method against climate change and for global food security

Worldwide, less land is available for agriculture due to salinization.

Salinization is the increase of salt concentration in soil and is caused by the supply of water containing dissolved salts. This supply of water can be caused by flooding of the land by seawater, or sea water seeping through the soil from below. Due to climate change, sea levels are rising, which further increases the amount of seawater to come inland. which causes salinization to become an increasing problem worldwide

As a result, crops no longer grow in the salt-affected areas.

Farmers are unable to use their lands, which causes famine, poverty and social disruption. The world population is growing tremendously, and so is the demand for food. But the reality is that the amount of land suitable for agriculture continues to reduce. Large areas of agricultural lands are lost every day due to salinization, land that is much needed for food production to feed the growing world population.

We provide a solution to this growing problem.

Instead of trying to reduce the salt concentration in the soil, we provide ways to (re)use the salt-affected soils for agriculture. We give farmers in need, the knowledge and means in order to practise saline agriculture.

By sharing our knowledge with farmers suffering the consequences of salinization.

We can help make the degraded land productive again. By introducing natural varieties of well-known crops that are salt tolerant, farmers can use their lands again. As seen in this picture, we helped these farmers turn their saline land into a success (bottom: before. top: after).

Our solution is a major breakthrough when it comes to global food supply.

At Salt Farm Foundation we want to teach farmers how to practice saline agriculture in order to reduce food shortage and poverty in salt-affected areas.

For many years we have been testing salt-tolerant crops in our advanced outdoor laboratory on Texel, The Netherlands. More info about this outdoor lab you can find here.

We have now established an online knowledge centre for Saline agriculture. The knowledge centre provides extensive information related to saline agriculture. Visit the knowledge centre.

This way everyone can benefit from our saline solution

Photo credits: ICCO/FrameIn Productions. Pictures from Bangladesh are from the project - Salt Solution by ICCO Cooperation, CODEC and Salt Farm Texel. It is sponsored by Nationale Postcode Loterij.