Entrepreneur Marc van Rijsselberghe is looking for funds for the Salt Farm Foundation in order to reduce food shortage. Marc has extensive experience in organic farming, and says saline agriculture is necessary as ‘98 percent of the water on this planet is salt’.

Salinization is the gradual increase of salt in soil or water. This can because by water flooding in from sea, seawater seeping through the soil, as a result of deforestation, or because of inaccurate irrigation methods.

Salinization is a big problem in countries where there is already a food shortage, such as Pakistan or Bangladesh. ‘Saline agriculture can lead to positive developments, and save people from famine', says Van Rijsselberghe. 'It’s a simple calculation: only 2 percent of all water on earth is fresh, and only half of this water available. 70 percent of this available fresh water is used for agricultural purposes. Do you know how much water is used to produce one kilogram of corn? 900 liters! It’s time we started producing more food with less water. ' With the Salt Farm Foundation, van Rijsselberghe wants to tackle this problem worldwide.

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