The Waddenfonds is providing more than € 2.5 million in funding for four new projects in the fields of aquaculture and cultural heritage. This contribution will make possible a total investment of € 3.7 million in the Wadden area. The Wadden Fund aims to develop and further scale up the cultivation of saline agricultural and fishing products. Investments are also made in the preservation of characteristic farms in the Wadden region. The money comes from the Subsidy Scheme Thematic Implementation Wadden Fund (STUW).

Of these four projects, Salt Farm Foundation wants to set up a 'Sea Farm on land' on Texel for cultivation systems of aquaculture. The project named Blauwe Polder 1 includes a production site, a test and training centre, a visitor centre and catering facilities. At this sea farm, marine organisms are raised in saltwater for consumption, such as turbot, cod, oysters, mussels, cockles, crabs and shrimp. Samphire and other saline vegetables are also grown on land. Further research on growing seaweed and bringing it to the market will also form part of this project.

Read more about the waddenfonds projects here (Press release in Dutch) - Waddenfonds draagt ruim € 2,5 miljoen bij aan aquacultuur en historisch erfgoed