Webinar- Agroport South Ukraine 2018: “Saline Agriculture: a practical solution to a global problem”


On 27 July 2018, together with the Dutch embassy in Ukraine, FAO and Institute of Water Problems and Soil Reclamation of NAAS, we organized a webinar - "Saline Agriculture: a practical solution to a global problem", at the Agroport South Kherson 2018 (Ukraine).

Background: The Southern regions of Ukraine are the most affected by the climate change. High temperatures and irregular precipitations require intensive crop irrigation. All these and other factors make arable farming in the South of Ukraine very risky and bring Soil Salinization on top of the challenges which face farmers.

Watch the webinar here (Starts from 0:39:00 till 1:14:25)

Access the presentation here (Agroberichtenbuitenland.nl)

Ukrainian article about Saline agriculture and Salt Farm Foundation here

During the webinar @ Agroport kherson 2018
Dr. Arjen de Vos, preparing for the presentation on our office on Texel.